Project Destined is 501(c)3 non-profit that administers a real estate based education program focused on empowering underserved communities through training in financial literacy, total health and leadership development. Leveraging online and in-person training modules.  Across multiple modules, Project Destined scholars gain exposure to all aspects of the real estate investment life cycle while gaining exposure to real industry professionals, analyzing real opportunities and helping to invest real capital into real estate within their own communities.

Our Goals

TRAIN. Train scholars in leadership and entrepreneurship through evaluation of “live” real estate investments in their local community

NETWORK. Create cultivated networking opportunities where scholars engage directly with local companies and executives.

PARTICIPATE.Turn participants into stakeholders in real estate, whereby they receive financial scholarships and/or awards.

Our Outcomes

Case Study

Financial Literacy

Access to Mentorship and Internships

Increased Competitiveness

Leadership Development



In the Spring of 2017, Project Destined Scholars were part of the deal team that successfully acquired two (2) duplex properties in Detroit Michigan that are expected to generate over $30,000 in scholarship capital over the next five (5) years.

During Project Destined, I learned how to purchase properties and determine their use. In impoverished areas of Memphis there’s a great deal of blight. By using the skill of purchasing properties and determining their uses, I could buy abandoned buildings and houses in impoverished areas, and those could be turned into centers for education, business, and jobs. The best solutions to poverty is education and jobs.”

– Myles Franklin